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You have been charging your phone all wrong – Here is how you can extend battery life

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You are probably not aware of ways that can help you to keep your smartphone’s battery healthy. In fact, with your charging routine, you are speeding up the death of your phone’s battery. Most of you think it’s the right thing to charge a hundred percent for charging your phone overnight. But all these common practices can reduce the real useful life of your battery.

The following are ways that can help you extend the life of your battery:

Charging your phone throughout the day:

Most people think it is better to reach the battery end of the phone and then plug in the charger. But it’s not a good thing to do. According to experts, instead of charging your phone for a very long period of time during the whole night or for a very long period of time, it is better to charge often.

Don’t charge 100 percent:

The second important thing to remember when charging your phone is never to charge the full 100 percent. Your phone’s battery is supposed to be the best treatment when taken before it reaches 100 percent. Also, you should never go to your phone 0 percent which means it is completely dry. Instead, you should always keep the battery in a healthy state as a 50 percent charge of your battery.

Be careful to unplug:

Most people think that even if their phone’s battery reaches 100 percent, the extra charge will be stored somewhere and it would be good for it. But this is not true at all because it keeps the battery in high stress and high-stress conditions which can shorten your life very easily. Therefore, charge your phone for very long and never unplug as soon as you get the necessary charge.

Keep a moderate temperature:

It is also important for your phone to be charged at a moderate temperature. If your charger gets overheated or your phone gets heated, unplug it while charging. Do not let your phone’s battery to get either too cold or too hot if it will be harmful as the lithium-ion battery gets too hot.

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