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WhatsApp encompasses multi-functionality mode.

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WhatsApp offers some new features such as animated stickers and dark screen mode

The WhatsApp messaging platform operated by Facebook has revealed several new features for its users. One of the main WhatsApp  features already introduced by WhatsApp is dark mode which is now available on the social networking application’s web and mobile versions. At the other hand , the company has also been working for some time now to bring animated stickers and this role is available to users

Tapping QR codes

The company said, according to the information, that it uses QR codes to attach new contacts instead of entering the telephone number manually. WhatsApp confirms all the new features that will be released in the next few weeks. In a article, the company said that stickers are one of the most rising ways that people interact with Whatsapp every day. The management of the social networking application said that we are introducing the latest, more enjoyable and interactive animated sticker packs.When speaking of another feature, the company said that adding a new contact is simpler than ever. You will soon be able to scan their QR code and link them and your contacts when you encounter someone new. No more tapping one at a time in their digits.

Essentials of Dark mode:

Dark mode is easier for eyes to text at night, and phones with OLED screens should see battery life increase – as the pixels can be switched off fully to preserve electricity.The popular concept of Dark Mode now applies to the web and smartphone versions of WhatsApp. In March, WhatsApp released a long-awaited dark mode on Ios. QR codes, probably the most popular – while you would be familiar with QR codes in WhatsApp if you are using a web app or apps in Windows , Mac and on a portal such as Facebook. Now, however, you can add new users to your contacts using a QR code. You can check your code to connect it to your account.

WhatsApp supported with multi- functionality:

WhatsApp has supported up to 8 people on a video call for a little while now, but it’s easier to make a call. Press and hold to maximise a participant’s video to full screen. There’s also a video icon in group chats of less than eight people, so you can easily start a video call with everybody.After having rolled out on iOS and Android, Dark Mode is also now coming to the web app and, because the desktop app on Windows and Mac is also based on the web app, you’ll be able to get dark mode on them, too.The new animated sticker packs will enhance the stickers already available on the platform.

 WhatsApp Video call functionality

The last big change is that WhatsApp uses its video call function. With eight people in a video chat, participants can press and hold a single person ‘s computer.The last minor update applies for users of KaiOS. These devices typically are reserved for budget smartphones but are lower in cost than flagship devices. These users will be able to share status alerts that will vanish after around the clock, a function that iPhone and Android users have been able to share over months.

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