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Saba Qamar cracks so-called myths

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Societal Sterotypes and Myths

Again, Saba Qamar cracks so-called myths. The popular Pakistani actress has returned with another controversial YouTube episode full of satire that has violated societal stereotypes. In addition to her excellent acting skills, Saba is known for highlighting our society’s critical issues. After a powerful message on her previous vlog has increased mental health consciousness, the actress talks about the Rishta culture. Saba knows how to combine art and consciousness! The Hindi Medium star has shown that its YouTube channel is used effectively. The 37-year-old Pakistani actress continues to answer issues such as misogyny and gossip-mongering in our culture.

Saba stresses in many ways how society views women differently

In addition, Saba takes a more direct and hitting approach to social hypocrisy against women in her most recent YouTube video. She speaks more about the misogynistic ideals of our culture, like her previous ones. The actress lifts her voice on our society’s ‘traditional rishta culture.’ In addition, the video is basically a monologue about fat shaming, classicalism, colour and the rights of women. Saba stresses in many ways how society views women differently.

“khandani” means that someone from a decent person is an enormous requirement for women to get married

The actor made some excellent remarks about Pakistan ‘s traditional mothers-in-law. She addresses the issue of women searching for a ‘khandani larky’ when their own sons are not close to ‘khandani.’However, the glamorous Pakistani actress poses several questions. She challenges the boldness and hypocrisy of these women who close their eyes to their sons’ wrongdoings. And you know that “khandani” means that someone from a decent person is an enormous requirement for women to get married.

In addition the actor talks of the irony of drinking and doing what his own son likes, while his baby daughter should be in a respectable home. Moreover, she addresses the two forms of families that exist in our culture. Another from the conservative family and the other from the liberal side, but both would like a maid-of-all-work on behalf of a baby girl. When she is well trained, she has to gain for the family if she is not qualified.

Do we not love how she still breaks all stereotypes and creates such insightful content? Saba Qamar doesn’t stop, she speaks more about how these mothers-in-law after marriage have to play with a doll, which means the daughter-in – law. She speaks about how these MILs verbally harass and pressure the couple to listen to them. She explored many of our society’s unaddressed and serious issues in the previous episodes. The Queen has a fantastic job of raising knowledge of such a innovative and informative material, from mental health and abusive relationships to this new subject. We love how her channels are used for serious problems!

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