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Body shape & weight Reduction

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Importance of loss of weight:

People gain weight by consuming more fat than they consume, which may benefit them by eating less calories or water. Nevertheless, other factors including genetic factors, metabolism, hormones, food intake, body shape and lifestyle have an important role to play.Thus, health & Diet has immense importance in maintaining nourished life styles.

Why lose weight?

There are many reasons for weight loss:

  • Appearance: people may feel more attractive, fitter, or healthier if they lose weight.
  • Confidence and body image: people with excess weight or obesity may feel uncomfortable.
  • Health overall: maintaining adequate weight can contribute to improving overall health and avoiding diseases such as diabetes type 2.
  • Medical conditions: For example, sleep apnea symptoms or type 2 diabetes will improve or go away when a person loses excess weight.
  • Fitness: A weight loss program involving exercises can leave a person fit, energetic and stable.
  • Sports competitions: in certain sports, such as boxing, people can try to control their weight so that they can remain within their existing weight category.
  • Fertility: Fertility therapy appears to be more successful for women with obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).


Most diet plans promise significant weight loss and can be hard to learn. Some are evidence-based, healthy and successful, but some are not. Most health practitioners, dieticians, and nutritionists agree that a balanced, weight-reduction diet with physical activity tends to yield the best results, particularly in the long term. Unless it has been demonstrated in scientific studies, it is not possible to know how efficient they are.

Weight Control

Body weight management is much more effective if a healthy diet can be combined with daily exercise. Crash diets may have positive short-term outcomes, but have low long-term success rates. If you manage to sleep consistently for 7 to 8 hours every 24 hours, your body weight control is more effective. Deprivation of sleep or lack of sleep can cause you to become weighty.

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