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In the recent period, their use of powerful teaching and learning resources is important to make the process deeper and more meaningful. In addition , recent research and global trends have opened the door  for teaching skills to further  gauge opportunities for ICT-based design and implementation lessons.

Authentic learning enivornment

The enormous use of mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets is certainly acknowledged by a high rate of ownership of all teacher devices and students. In addition, using technology teaches students how to train tools like Wi-Fi, cellular data collection, Internet uses that facilitate teaching and productive learning, both inside and outside the classroom. It has had a tremendous effect on both authentic self-efficacy and self-run learning. This also promotes a range of authentic learning environments, thereby improving the job rate and the ability to continue. Thereby, it leads to promoting better access to digital services and to their content. Teachers play a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness of technical applications in the teaching mode. Moreover, teaching fundamentalism will thrive and become embedded through the acceptance of what is an app as an symbol for the framework for teaching.

Technology and its understanding :

The use of technology has become one of the additional tools of recent decades in supporting student learning to ensure that teaching strategies are popular today. Teachers and instructors with their teaching skills ,in the same vein use technology, as students strive to improve and improve their understanding of this mechanism. Moreover, the recent developments in forming technology have most probably changed the landscape of education which has caused the appropriate changes in course conditions as courses are best delivered and developed.

The use of technology has been one of the complementary methods in recent decades to help students learn to make teaching techniques successful today. The same veins are primarily employed by teachers and learners, as students strive to increase and enhance the understanding of this process. Moreover, recent developments in shaping technology have most probably updated the educational environment that changed due to the optimal delivery and creation of courses


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