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coronavirus and Tech Respond

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Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic on Projects Management

Project management is linked to the expertise and skills necessary to complete a project and meet the specific project’s goals and specifications. Project is essentially a series of operations planned to accomplish such objectives. Temporary project s based on operations to be performed in a specific timeframe. Work involves individuals who typically work together. Work management is linked to the skills , experience, methods and methodology used to accomplish the project. Through the implementation of management in projects, organisations will complete their projects in a timely and delicate manner.

Role of  digital information technology  these days:

Accordingly, the use of information technology has grown. During these critical days, when we need better digital information technology has played a very responsible role. In addition, artificial intelligence is used in medicine to identify and treat people with corona virus. Lung scanning and thermal detection methods are used. A system is working to establish a new successful vaccine. Telehealth checks your patients remotely using audio or video.  Blockchain applications can track disease spread, manage insurance payments, and maintain medical supply chains. In addition, 3D printing and open-source technology tend to be sufficiently qualified to help government and hospital efforts around the world to meet the increasing demand for medical hardware ( e.g. facemasks, ventilators and breathing filters) and improve supply of the required medical equipment. At the same time, telehealth technologies are a cost-effective method for breaking the spread chain and regulating hospital capacity by applying the best possible filter to keep those with moderate symptoms at home and routing more severe hospital cases

Pandemic coronavirus:

Coronavirus is a disease present in animals and humans. Usually contained in bats and other wild animals, the virus then transmits to humans and animals by rubbing, coughing , sneezing. Coronavirus symptoms are moderate fever, cough, breathing problem. Coronaviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses, around 120 nanometers in diameter. It is believed that the virus that causes COVID-19 originated in bats and spread to snakes and pangolins, and thus to humans. Who named this global pandemic? It spreads very quickly, and a concerted effort is required to stop its spread.

 Countries facing enormous growth in the number of infected patients implement lockdowns across countries due to which people are forced to remain in their homes and maintain a prescribed social distance. To stop disease transmission, WHO has urged all nations to separate themselves because no effective cure has been identified so far.

Current scenario :

Workers are unable to move, workplaces are closed, factories are shut, and there are no jobs left for the working class. Covid-19 spreads all factories will be affected everywhere, but the result will not be the same. Some businesses face a huge loss, and others may be negligibly affected. Initially, companies that rely mainly on movement and community meetings like travel will be affected. Airlines, the gas and oil sectors are the most troubled. Some like retail will fail, but not the same

Now, after nearly 4 months of complete lockdown, the world is heading towards smart lockdown. A modern method of homework is added. Specific SOPs are made to reopen gradually, but to preserve social distance is recommended. We are not able to work, meet and travel in the world as we did before this pandemic happened and now the entire world is using IT services to cover their losses. As this pandemic progresses technology solutions are being used in different industries, education and medical departments.

People work from home using various soft commodities like skype zoom, etc. This technology is used in the medical department to support overburdened healthcare staff by creating new , effective vaccines. A critical analysis shows that nearly ten different technological domains are used to fight the current world situation. But a review of technical usage reveals that technology itself can not replace public policy initiatives, but can serve as an emergency response. Covid-19 is the first major pandemic of our era, opening gates for public policymakers to reflect on the use of information technology .


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