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Kaavan ,finally free to go back to animal sanctuary

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Kaavan ,finally free to go back to animal sanctuary

Islamabad:  Lonely elephant of Islamabad Zoo, is finally free to go to an animal sanctuary after 35 long years. Experts have selected Kaavan’s new home as the 25,000-acre wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia.

The elephant received its release from the High Court of Islamabad (IHC) on 21 May. The court ordered that Kaavan be moved to a proper sanctuary. It  also  relocated because of the bad condition of the Marghazar Zoo.It  is damaging to the physical and mental health of the animals. The decision was widely supported by global campaigners for animal rights.

Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam, Prime Minister’s Advisor on Climate Change, said the Ministry fully supports all decision-making on animal welfare. Accordingly , under directives issued by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In the light of the decision of the Court, the Ministry is now concentrating on revamping Islamabad Zoo into a more animal-friendly enclave. On 21 May, Chief Justice Athar Minallah ordered the release of the Caged animals, which noted that “there are neither appropriate living conditions nor sufficient resources to meet animals’ behavioral, social and physiological needs.”

Animal lover hail the freedom of Kaavan

Animal lovers in Pakistan especially those people of Islamabad who have been at the forefront for finding Kaavan a new home for the past couple of years were pleased to hear the news.

“Kaavan finally goes to Cambodia! I can’t tell how happy I’m with Kaavan. Thank you to all the beautiful people worldwide who have spoken and expressed their support in particular for the IWMB and the Owais Awan, “said Ammar Pervaiz, one of the main fellow members of the Friends of Islamabad Zoo-a zoo community of citizens affected by animal welfare. With regular visits and surveys and enrichment workshops, Ammar and other members of the group became more aware of the adverse conditions of animals in the zoo.

A series of government meetings, court hearings, and global media attention is the product of the effort to free Kaavan by animal lovers in Pakistan and abroad in recent years. “On the constitutional framework, ‘animal feeling,’ based on eco-centric principles of Islam, the definition of ‘Right to Life’ under the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights,’ has, for the first time in Pakistani history,” said the attorney at Kaavan’s case, Owais Awan. He stressed the fact that the courts in Pakistan are taking on a supervisory role to “ensure the enforcement” of the animal welfare order.

Lone Elephant Kaavan

Kaavan had been gifted by Sri Lanka in 1985 when he was a year old and was chained for more than 30 years in a small enclosure, with inappropriate conditions and a poor diet. The jury also illustrated “the animal’s unbearable misery and suffering over the last three decades.” Since losing his only friend Saheli in 2012, the 35-year-old Asian elephant was kept in solitary confinement. An adult elephant can eat up to 300 pounds a day and travel several kilometers a day. Kaavan was hardly able to walk; his 100 by 150-yard enclosure almost did not have any leaves, and only minimal shade to provide relief from the high summer temperatures of Islamabad which could skyrocket above 40 degrees Celsius.

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